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High School Junior

On Extracurriculars: As I mentioned before, we do not have sports specific to Animas, besides our mountain biking team. There are a lot of athletes, however, who go to DHS to participate in sports after school or who participate in club sports. We have a few clubs, but we are a newer school and I predict many are about to come about. We have a very active student government, which plans dances and works to revise policies that they think are unfair. There is a LGBT club as well that is new and an organization called POW (peers owning wellness) that works to create the healthiest possible environment at our school. There have been a few other clubs that have started and ended, but the three listed above are the most prominent on campus. The administration is very supportive of clubs and encourages their existence. There is one other organization that is prominent in the school called Ambassadors. The ambassadors act as the face of the school in activities involving the community. For example, ambassadors participate in community service, host shadow students, and speak at information nights.

High School Junior

On Health & Safety: We don't have the funding for a school nurse, but the woman who works at the front office is very friendly and will help you if you're feeling ill. We also have a school counselor who is a new addition this year! She is very friendly and seems helpful, although I've never had a meeting with here. The school as a whole is a very safe environment; there is no bullying and I have no knowledge of there ever being alcohol or drugs on campus. I have never been put in a situation at Animas where I feel unsafe or threatened, nor have I heard of any circumstance.

High School Junior

On Resources & Facilities: With the teacher relationships comes office hours. Every teacher is required to hold office hours after school. Most teachers hold them once or twice a week and you can schedule an appointment with them if you need additional help or the times don't work for you. In some cases, teachers will give up their lunches if you ask to meet with them. Because we don't have sports, we don't have any facilities, but we are located on many acres of open space. So, during our unique P.E. classes called X-Blocks, students venture out into nature with teachers to get their exercise in a fun way. Some examples of X-Blocks are mountain biking, walking, ultimate frisbee, and yoga. One downfall of our facility is the parking lot. The parking lot located at the school has limited amount of spots, so we created another parking lot, but it is about 1/4 of a mile away. Students have to park at the lower lot and walk up before and after school. However, parents going up or down to pick up/ drop off their children and the few students who have parking spot in the upper lot willingly give their peers rides on a daily basis (myself being one of these).

High School Junior

On Teachers: All teachers here are highly-qualified and know what they are talking about. They design unique lesson plans and keep their students engaged. Classroom environments are healthy, warm, and inviting, yet still very rigorous. All teachers want to develop strong relationships with all of their students and are willing to help you with issues involving or not involving school. I could go to any of my teachers with any of my problems and feel safe and that they care about me. Student-teacher relationships are a huge part of our culture and make coming to school easy.

High School Junior

On Student Culture & Diversity: There are no cliques at Animas! Everyone is friends with everyone, including upperclassmen/underclassmen relationships. Everyone is accepted and there is minimal peer pressure. There is a LGBT club and there is no discrimination at Animas. In general, this is a very comfortable environment for all students. This is one of our proudest bragging points as a school.


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Animas High School is a public, charter school in Durango, CO. It has 128 students in grades 9-10. Students score above average on state standardized tests. There have been 12 reviews written and they have been very positive.

  • 3206 Main Ave
    Durango, CO 81320
  • 📞 (303) 866-6600

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Animas High School performed better than 85% of other schools on Colorado math and reading standardized tests.

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