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Antonian College Preparatory High School is a private Catholic school in Castle Hills, TX. It has 736 students in grades 9-12. There have been 54 reviews written and they have been mostly positive.

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High School Senior

On Extracurriculars: So the best thing about this school might be the after-school stuff. There is, relatively, a good selection of clubs and sports to join. But most clubs are actually run by the students except big ones like Latin club and Robotics. Some clubs just keep taking your money though, and that's just not cool. All sports require money, so be prepared for a hole in your parents pockets (or maybe yours if they don't pay). You can definitely make friends in any of these clubs and sports though, just be a bit outgoing.

High School Senior

On Food: It's not good, it's not bad. But it is overpriced. The menu is repetitive but there's always to option to make your own salad for the same price. There are RARELY baked potatoes which are also for sale, but I really don't know why they even do that. Also, there's something we call the "Munchie Cart" which is run by one of the teachers at school and sells a lot of snacks (mostly unhealthy but whatever) for less than a dollar. It's usually well-stocked and can be a great alternative for people who don't eat much or don't want to spend a lot of money but the downside is that it's all sugar and carbs.

High School Senior

On Teachers: Alright, so some of the teachers are pretty good and others are pretty bad. It all depends who you get. You'll probably be switching up your schedule a few times just so you can avoid some teachers. Theology teachers are ok, I mean, the projects aren't fun but you won't die from taking those classes. Math can possibly kill you, as usual. It's usually better to get the honors English classes, because it'll be like the AP or CP class depending on how much you want to do. Our entire Science faculty is nuts, good luck. History isn't so bad, just boring. Latin will kill you (but so many people take it), Spanish is definitely the easier course. If you're in football, dance, basketball, or cheer, you'll be getting an elective class for that, whether you want it or not. You have to take P.E. for your first two years unless you're in any of the previously mentioned sports, band, or drama. Other electives include: drama, yearbook, philosophy (basically another theology class but worse), A/B band, environmental science, engineering (which also counts as an AP class but is seniors only), choir, or something else that they happen to throw in. Also, it's possible for you to get taken out of certain courses altogether, but that's a lot of work and well... usually you just failed a course too much and get a "study period."

High School Senior

On Health & Safety: Ok, so we don't have a school nurse, but we do have an athletic trainer. Who doesn't show up until the end of the school day really (that's when most of the sports related practices and classes begin). If you get a cut or something, you'll have to deal with it yourself unless it's out on the field while you're tackling someone. Fights don't happen... often. But even then it's mostly rumors. Suspension happens to the kids who can't control themselves. Partying happens at every school, so just expect that. The school starts having meeting with each of the classes if they start hearing too much about the stuff, but otherwise it still happens. That's about it.

High School Senior

On Sports & Fitness: I mean, really, it's like any other school when it comes to this stuff. The track is around the football field, which is also used for soccer. The pool, baseball field, batting cages, weight room, football locker room, and dance hall are all near each other, so you don't have to walk very far. The only problem is the stairs you have to walk up and down to get to them, because, really, who wants stairs after practice? But that's usually not so bad.


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  • 6425 West Ave
    San Antonio, TX 78213
  • 📞 (210) 344-9265

Antonian College Preparatory High School is a private Catholic school in Castle Hills, TX. It has 736 students in grades 9-12. There have been 54 reviews written and they have been mostly positive.

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