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Hilliard Davidson High School is a public school in Hilliard, OH. It has 1,744 students in grades 9-12. Students score above average on state standardized tests. There have been 125 reviews written and they have been mostly positive.

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High School Senior

On Overall Experience: Overall I had a wonderful high school experience. Going to the football games every Friday night for all four years of high school is going to be something I will never forget. Those were some of the best times of my life. The school spirit at my school is next to none and I hope that the college I choose to attend will have the same amount of spirit that my high school had. I would choose to go to this school again if the opportunity arose because it really is a wonderful school. Although some teachers are better than others, I think all of our teachers are qualified for their jobs and they truly are good people. I really did enjoy my high school experience.

High School Senior

On Administration & Policies: We have a principal for every grade level which I think hurts our school more than helps it. If each of the principals enforced the same rules and punished kids the same way, I think it would be fine, but they don't. Everyone knows who the "good" principals are and everyone knows who the "mean" principals are. It's just very unfair because say a sophomore breaks dress code and just gets a warning from their principal. Then a girl who is a junior breaks the exact same dress code rule and she gets a Wednesday school. It's just not fair and I think that is a big issue that my school needs to work on.

High School Senior

On Teachers: I have been fortunate enough to be in classes throughout my high school experience that were mostly either honors courses or AP courses. That being said, I believe the teachers for those courses put in more effort than other teachers who teach the normal classes. I have had countless wonderful teachers throughout my high school experience and I can count on one hand the few teachers I have had that I didn't care for. Overall I am very thankful for the teachers I've had. They have all be knowledgeable about the subject they're teaching and they genuinely care about their students.

High School Senior

On Academics: My school is known for its academics. I feel very thankful to attend a school that does so well at what a school is supposed to do: teaching. I have had teachers that I feel are not very well suited to be teachers but I also use my resources to befriend other teachers of the same subject to help fill in the holes of what I'm not learning from my actual teacher. The academics aren't super easy but if you put your mind to it and try your best, you will be able to achieve your goal whether that be getting all A's or getting a 4.0. My school also offers multiple AP courses which is very helpful because I am able to get college credit for courses I am taking in high school.

High School Senior

On Extracurriculars: There are so many options for people who are trying to get involved in extracurricular opportunities. We have a club for almost anything you can think of and there is definitely something for everyone. There are clubs that meet every week or some that only meet once a month so anyone could make the meetings fit into their schedule. Some require a lot more commitment than others and some are more just for the purpose of having a good time.


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Hilliard Davidson High School is a public school in Hilliard, OH. It has 1,744 students in grades 9-12. Students score above average on state standardized tests. There have been 125 reviews written and they have been mostly positive.

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Test Performance

Hilliard Davidson High School performed better than 77% of other schools on Ohio math and reading standardized tests.

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If you could do it all over again, would you still want to go to this school?     Based on 13 responses

  • 85% Yes
  • 15% Not sure.
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What one thing distinguishes this school from other schools?     Based on 5 responses

  • 80% There is a place for everyone to feel at home
  • 20% When it comes down to it, we care about each other

What is the most helpful tip for a student to know before coming to this school?     Based on 5 responses

  • 100% Get involved

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