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Leesville Road High School is a public school in Raleigh, NC. It has 2,408 students in grades 9-12. Students score above average on state standardized tests. There have been 181 reviews written and they have been mostly positive.

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Recent Alumnus

On Health & Safety: A lot of students, typical to high school I guess, were just mean kids. They bullied very quickly. However, for the most part the students were fine. The faculty certainly broke up fights quickly, punished very well, and kept the campus feeling very safe; I always felt very safe. The school nurse was only there on some days of the week, which was frustrating.

Recent Alumnus

On Resources & Facilities: If you wanted guidance counseling, it was there. Tutoring I don't think was heavily available, but most teachers were more than willing to stay after with you. I was part of a Pre-algebra tutoring program where we tutored some students after school, with the professor's supervision. During Homeroom period ("Pride" period), there were some opportunities for tutoring, and I tutored Spanish, for instance. PTA was very heavy, busing was great (except for some jerk bus drivers). Technology was adequate, mostly fantastic in the new Digital Media classes.

Recent Alumnus

On Administration & Policies: Our Principal Lyons was the cheeriest, most interactive man, and we loved him and he was perfect (and now works at Enloe High School). Guidance counselors helped a lot of my trans friends and friends suffering from depression, so I'm very thankful to them. Office staff were mostly very sweet, and the lunch ladies were wonderful! Bullying was not tolerated (although it did happen a lot), and faculty were very involved to take precautionary measures. Dress code was very strict (three finger-width sleeve size, shorts/skirts below middle fingertip with shoulders thrust down). LOVED our tardy policy! A "late bell" rang whenever 1 minute was left to get to class, and it severely helped attendance and was just damn useful! Lots of running, but lots of people on time. :) Then the "Sweeper" faculty would come find people in the hallway and give them late passes-- GREAT policy, super lovely! Attendance was basically that you really should go always, though there were some sick days of course.

Recent Alumnus

On Extracurriculars: I loved our Theatre Department! We had about 100+ techies on any given semester's show, and tons of actors/actresses! Capital Pride, our honors chorus, was wonderful, our band was fantastic-- I'm very proud of our arts! My favorite, most interactive clubs were National Honors Society, International Thespian Society, Spanish National Honors Society, and Spanish Club-- I was very grateful to have those. I even vacationed to Puerto Rico with some fellow students and two of my Spanish teachers! I'm very happy with the extracurriculars.

Recent Alumnus

On Educational Outcomes: My AP courses are definitely more difficult than my introductory college courses (although naturally way easier than my Honors and upper level college courses). I learned necessary study skills, and LRHS professors critiqued my work enough that I feel more than confident in my college courses. I wish I had learned more about taxes or real-world, adult materials, because I feel like school should have prepared me for not just the law with "Civics and Economics," but also how to function in it. I overall thing LRHS did a great job.


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Leesville Road High School is a public school in Raleigh, NC. It has 2,408 students in grades 9-12. Students score above average on state standardized tests. There have been 181 reviews written and they have been mostly positive.

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Test Performance

Leesville Road High School performed better than 85% of other schools on North Carolina math and reading standardized tests.

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Student Polls

What are the best things about this school?     Based on 7 responses

  • 58% The Pride we have
  • 25% The sense of family
  • 17% The staff

What is the most helpful tip for a student to know before coming to this school?     Based on 8 responses

  • 62% Get to know your teachers, and join clubs!
  • 25% Don't be afraid to participate & make friends
  • 12% Do not conform, be your true self

What one word or phrase best describes this school?     Based on 8 responses

If you could do it all over again, would you still want to go to this school?     Based on 15 responses

  • 93% Yes
  • 7% Not sure.
  • 0% No

What are the worst things about this school?     Based on 6 responses

  • 43% Gossip
  • 29% There are none
  • 29% A couple of bad teachers & many annoying students

What one thing distinguishes this school from other schools?     Based on 8 responses

  • 75% My school is a family no matter what we go through
  • 25% We are all different and still ban together

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