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Liberty Christian Academy is a private Protestant school in Lynchburg, VA. It has 1,939 students in grades PK-12. There have been 40 reviews written and they have been mostly positive.

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High School Senior

On Administration & Policies: The administration is amazing at my school. The are always very helpful and understanding and will always listen to your view of the situation. The actual principal is barely involved in everyday things, but the assistant principals are always out in the halls, talking to the students and seeing how their day is going. The guidance counselors are phenomenal and are always available to schedule a meeting with. They will help you with whatever you need and always have a great attitude. The office staff is very sweet and they always say hi to me when I come in their and ask me how my day is going. The policy on bullying is very strict, a no-bullying tolerance is in place at my school and it is strictly enforced. Dress code is very strict too, like you must be wearing khaki or blue, appropriate fitting, pants and a polo with the school logo on it. You must wear a belt and have your shirt tucked in at all times. You must also not wear any jacket that does not have the school logo on it, and if you are seen wearing one within school hours, it will be taken to the office and you will receive a point on your record, which adds up to detention. Attendance used to be kind of lenient, as in how many days you could miss per semester, but it has gotten stricter this year. If you miss more than 9 days in a semester, without an excuse via doctor or family emergency, you will lose credit for that class. Also, once you receive 5 tardies to one class, per semester, you will receive a detention.

High School Senior

On Overall Experience: I wouldn't trade my school for anything. The teachers are so supportive of me and have always been there to talk and spend extra time if I need help. I honestly couldn't name my favorite experience because it has all been so great. The school is so much different from other schools because of the Christian based environment. Yes, the rules may be stricter than public schools, but it's worth it. If I could do it all over, I wouldn't pick any other school. I am truly blessed to have had the opportunity to attend my school.

High School Senior

On Sports & Fitness: Student involvement at sports activities depends on what sport you are talking about. If it's football or basketball, you better believe that there is going to be a huge student section. The team performance is amazing and always entertaining. The fan support is an uproar of excitement and a lot of support is there. If there is a big game on a Friday night, we will have an apparel day where we can wear our shirts to support the team that night and we get excited about that. The athletic facilities for the football team is, by far, the best. We have the opportunity to play our games at the neighboring college facility and we have a brand new sports complex with a full locker room and a brand new weight room. Along with that, we have a brand new practice field for the football team with new equipment for the games. The fitness programs are great at my school, too. We have an Advanced PE class that is offered as an elective and is a great way to stay in shape. Also, for the younger kids, we have an early morning program where, before the bell rings to start school, the kids can go in the gym and run around and have fun, all while staying in shape.

High School Senior

On Academics: Along with the core classes offered at my school, there are many other classes that are offered. The teachers always make sure that we are doing well in class and will spend their personal time to stay after school to help you if you are struggling with something. The curriculum is very well thought through and is very consistent. The scheduling process is very easy to do and is explained and broken down into sessions with the guidance counselors and personal one-on-one meetings with the guidance counselors to make sure that everything is right in your schedule. The workload is perfect, not too much, not to little. Special help and study options are available through a resource class and tutors that are offered throughout the school that are their for subject-specific help or just help in general. In my opinion, the most popular core class is Bible, with an outstanding department and an overall strive to know God better. The most popular elective offered at my school is probably drama because they do so well and attract such a big audience.

High School Senior

On Extracurriculars: We have some many different after-school activities and clubs at my school. Besides for all the sports, we have a robot club, lego club, Bible quiz team, debate team, drama department, math quiz teams, and so many more. My school has an opportunity for anyone and their interest and they are equally supported by the staff. The most popular sport in my school is football (we have won the state championship the past 3 years) but the most popular club or activity is, hands-down, the drama department. They put on many different plays and do dinner theaters throughout the year and attract my people from the area to join.


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  • 100 Mountain View Rd
    Lynchburg, VA 24502
  • 📞 (434) 832-2000

Liberty Christian Academy is a private Protestant school in Lynchburg, VA. It has 1,939 students in grades PK-12. There have been 40 reviews written and they have been mostly positive.

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