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Mainland Regional High School is a public school in Linwood, NJ. It has 1,507 students in grades 9-12. Students score average on state standardized tests. There have been 159 reviews written and they have been mostly positive.

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Recent Alumnus

On Academics: Multiple types of academics are offered at Mainland. We offer many languages including spanish, french and latin, but also have a german club. Mainland offers classes that could help you in the future on your own that include money management, foods, child care and development, living on your own, etc. These courses teach you how to cook, take care of a child, and you learn how to control your spending habits. Then you have your typical courses such as math, english, history and science. Excluding a few teachers, the staff at Mainland is absolutely amazing! They begin to feel like family. If you need extra help, they always find ways to meet with you during lunch or after school or whenever you're free. Not only do they help you with school work, but anything personal they are there to talk to you also. Some of the teachers at mainland I still keep in contact with at college to just talk to sometimes because you become so close with them. They don't always feel like your teachers, they start to feel like your family.

Recent Alumnus

On Administration & Policies: Mainland has many different policies. Our dress code is most like any other school. One is allowed to wear dresses/skirts as long as fingertip length, but they become more lenient with the jean shorts when it begins to get warmer. You also must have straps, nothing strapless is allowed. For guys, mostly any clothing is allowed. Mainland however, does not tolerate guys pants being low enough to see underwear, so they must be pulled up a decent level. For any student, any type of inappropriate writing or alcohol/drug advertisement is not allowed. If any of these dress codes are broken, you will be sent to the office and either be forced to change or other consequences will be decided depending on how bad the offense was.

Recent Alumnus

On Extracurriculars: Many of our extracurricular activities at this school are amazing! For example, our band and drama club have one multiple state champion awards. Both band and drama are usually looked at as a weird activity to be involved in, but Mainland has changed the point of view on that. They both have won so many competitions and have the most down to earth people. Both take up a lot of the students time and becomes a big commitment. Sometimes students may be after school until 7 or 8 o'clock at night. Missing practices does not count against you, but usually missing isn't a very good way to go. Unless a good reason, sometimes a person may have to leave the organization because of lack of effort.

Recent Alumnus

On Health & Safety: In order to get into our school, there is a button on the outside of the door you must press to be buzzed in. When you first walk into the door, a desk is in the main hall in which you need to sign into. Before signing out a student, a note is to be presented to the main office in the beginning of the day prior to being signed out. This is so the student is not leaving the campus without authorization. We have multiple security guards throughout the building that are in charge of keeping the halls safe and taking care of any disciplinary problems that come about. Our school is also very health friendly. We have many bathrooms throughout the school and also have hand sanitizers in the hallways.

Recent Alumnus

On Sports & Fitness: Mainland had many varieties of not just sports, but other physical activities. During our gym course, which we had to take all 4 years, one marking period was mandatory weight lifting/exercise. Also, as a senior, you had a course called "Cradlerock" in which you would rock climb and go through many obstacles. Our gym/weight room was open after school with supervision everyday. Mainland also has many sports. You do have to try out for a majority of them, but in the case you don't make it, our track and field team was fall/winter/spring and would allow anyone to join, without trying out, even after the deadline. So in the case you did not make a sports team, the opportunity to be active was still existent.


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Mainland Regional High School is a public school in Linwood, NJ. It has 1,507 students in grades 9-12. Students score average on state standardized tests. There have been 159 reviews written and they have been mostly positive.

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Mainland Regional High School performed better than 63% of other schools on New Jersey math and reading standardized tests.

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