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Taylorsville High School is a public school in Taylorsville, UT. It has 1,859 students in grades 10-12. Students score below average on state standardized tests. There have been 89 reviews written and they have been mostly positive.

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High School Senior

On Food: In my opinion the school lunch is not good. When I first entered high school, I had high expectations for this school's lunch and was very disappointed with the quality of it. I have heard about the other schools and compared to us make us seem like an elementary school. The variety of healthy foods have improved since my sophomore year. The snacks and drinks in the vending machines need to replaced with more healthy items. The soda and candy needs so go. If this school wants to decrease the number of obesity then they need to start with the food accessible to students. The Menus for lunch are way to common and do not allow any variety.

High School Senior

On Extracurriculars: There are a few clubs that I personally know of at this school and not so sure many students really fully participate in them and I feel clubs should be allowed to be created throughout the whole year because currently they are not. More teachers need to be more willing to supervise so that the clubs can be possible. The word needs to be spread out better about all the clubs going on in the school if they want more participants. They creativity of the classes are not too good either. Not many caught my attention. The Organizations such as DECA and National Honor Society and Dance Company are great but are not always affordable for students and not as funded as they deserve to be. Students work hard to get there and deserve the best experience possible for the hours they give.

High School Senior

On Health & Safety: Not much is touched on regarding school safety unless caught in the process of the act. Security wise, we have done a few fire/ emergency drills but one comment said by a teacher made a bit nervous. He said " If there is a school shooting, all students pile on me." The school offers a few medical classes but enough honestly. Nonetheless I still feel very safe at this school, not once have I been scared to come to school or been in fear of something happening. We don't much access to fire extinguishers. Not one have I seen or a first aid kid. They should be in every classroom in case of an emergency.

High School Senior

On Educational Outcomes: If I did not attend this school and have taken the classes I did, my life wouldn't be going as well as it is and I wouldn't have made the right career choices. Through the JROTC program has helped prepare me for the military and i wouldn't of made it through Basic Combat Training without their motivation and teachings. The CNA course has helped me see that the medical field is right for me and my counselors have made it possible for me to get on track to graduate and prepare for college.

High School Senior

On Administration & Policies: Bullying is well enforced at Taylorsville High school aside from any other schools I've heard in the whole district. The school can do a better job getting the word out to students about bullying through the school newspaper or announcements. This doesn't mean that bullying isn't happening when no one is around. Another thing that needs to change would have to use of vulgar language throughout the school. There isn't anywhere in the school you do not hear the "F" bomb being dropped. Even some of the teachers use vulgar language sometimes in front of students or directed towards certain students and is very unprofessional.


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Taylorsville High School is a public school in Taylorsville, UT. It has 1,859 students in grades 10-12. Students score below average on state standardized tests. There have been 89 reviews written and they have been mostly positive.

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