Bethany Baptist Christian School in Deptford Township, NJ - Niche

  • Grades
    PK, 1-11
  • Students
  • Type
    Private, Religious
  • Religion

Bethany Baptist Christian School is a private Baptist school in Deptford Township, New Jersey. It has 12 students in grades PK and 1-11.

2702 Good Intent Rd
Deptford, NJ 08096
(856) 228-9443

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Comparable Schools

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Around Bethany Baptist Christian School

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Student Demographics


Male 58%
Female 41%

Student Diversity

Bethany Baptist Christian School United States Delaware Valley Junior Academy JDT Christian Academy
White 75.0% 51.0% 55.0% 10.0%
Asian 25.0% 4.8% 11.0% 0%
Native American 0% 1.1% 0% 0%
Hispanic 0% 25.0% 0% 10.0%
African American 0% 15.0% 33.0% 80.0%
Pacific Islander 0% 0.4% 0% 0%
Multiracial 0% 2.8% 0% 0%


PreK 13.3%
Grade 1 20.0%
Grade 3 6.7%
Grade 4 13.3%
Grade 7 6.7%
Grade 8 20.0%
Grade 10 13.3%
Grade 11 6.7%