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Escuela Miguel F. Chiques is a public school in Caguas Pueblo, Puerto Rico. It has 255 students in grades K-6. According to state standards, 64% of students at this school are considered proficient in math and/or reading.

13 Calle Rafael Cordero
Caguas, PR 00725
(787) 743-2460

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Comparable Schools

Niche Grade Name Distance Total Students
3.66 Escuela Luis Cartagena Nieves 0 mi. 365
2.66 Escuela Haydee Caballero 1 mi. 363
3.33 Escuela Pepita Garriga 1 mi. 319
2.00 Escuela Luis Munoz Grillo 1 mi. 215
3.66 Escuela Gerardo Selles Sola 1 mi. 369

Around Escuela Miguel F. Chiques

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Student Demographics


Male 50%
Female 49%


Kindergarten 10.2%
Grade 1 11.8%
Grade 2 15.7%
Grade 3 16.5%
Grade 4 17.3%
Grade 5 17.6%
Grade 6 11.0%