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Greeley Central High School is a public school in Greeley, Colorado. It has 1,421 students in grades 9-12. According to state standards, 35% of students at this school are considered proficient in math and/or reading. There have been 143 reviews written and they have been mostly positive.

1515 14th Avenue
Greeley, CO 80631
(970) 348-5000

Ratings and Reviews
3.8 from 143 reviews
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    • High School Senior
    • 4
    Overall Experience: It looks like a Castle
    • High School Senior
    • 5
    Overall Experience: This school has been great to me these past 4 years. What seperates it from others is the environment ecspecially if one find s themself involved whether it be sports or even our Arts Magnet program.
    • High School Senior
    • 4
    Overall Experience: i would choose this school because its the school that has more helpful things gets involved in everything. every teacher in this school gives you support for the most part, they care for what happens around everyone inside of school or outside too.
    • High School Senior
    • 4
    Overall Experience: Overall I am thankful that i chose this school rather than any other high school in my town. This is by far the school with the most culture,diversity, Pride, and dignity. My favorite part about this school is the amount of history, i can help but look at all the previous wildcats that have walked the same hallways that i do now.
    • High School Sophomore
    • 3
    Overall Experience: Our school is sought after by most students in the district, because we are an Arts Magnet school. Even though the school is designed to facilitate the performing and visual arts, funding is constantly taken away to fund the failing but revered sports program. I am a huge supporter of our athletics program, but the interest taken by students for the sports is dwarfed by the interest in the fine arts. This missing funding makes it incredibly difficult to maintain and repair our equipment, even to the point where I play on a 25 year old saxophone that is in a constant state of repair. Visual arts classes are being cut because we don't have the money to run them. Without these opportunities, the blood and soul of the school will disappear, making the Arts Magnet title obsolete.

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Around Greeley Central High School

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Female 46%
Male 53%

Student Diversity

Greeley Central High School United States Frontier Charter Academy Greeley West High School Northridge High School University Schools Windsor High School
Hispanic 63.0% 25.0% 15.0% 56.0% 72.0% 31.0% 14.0%
White 30.0% 51.0% 80.0% 34.0% 24.0% 63.0% 80.0%
African American 2.0% 15.0% 1.0% 3.0% 0% 0% 0%
Multiracial 1.0% 2.8% 1.0% 1.0% 0% 1.0% 3.0%
Asian 0% 4.8% 1.0% 3.0% 0% 1.0% 0%
Native American 0% 1.1% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0%
Pacific Islander 0% 0.4% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0%


Grade 9 24.6%
Grade 10 27.2%
Grade 11 27.8%
Grade 12 20.4%

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Student Opinions

If you could do it all over again, would you still want to go to this school?     Based on 15 responses

  • 80% Yes
  • 13% Not sure.
  • 7% No

What are the best things about this school?     Based on 13 responses

  • 33% The arts magnet program
  • 29% Opportunity to advance yourself
  • 17% The teachers
  • 17% It's easy to avoid those who you don't like.
  • 4% The colorful, bright painted hallways

What are the worst things about this school?     Based on 12 responses

  • 64% Not all activities are given equal support.
  • 36% We need more financial support

What one thing distinguishes this school from other schools?     Based on 14 responses

  • 79% The Arts Program
  • 14% Everyone is welcome here
  • 7% In our town, the marching band dominates.

What one word or phrase best describes this school?     Based on 14 responses

  • 57% Diversity
  • 36% Artistic
  • 7% Interesting

What is the most helpful tip for a student to know before coming to this school?     Based on 15 responses

  • 40% Get involved in school activitys to gain support
  • 40% Room number (100s, 200, 300s) are by floor.
  • 7% That everyone belongs to the same team
  • 7% Study, study, study.
  • 7% To know someone believes on them.

What is your overall opinion of this school?     Based on 16 responses

  • 25% I love everything about this school.
  • 62% I like mostly everything about this school, but there are some things I wish were different.
  • 6% I like a few things about this school, but I'm disappointed in general.
  • 6% I hate everything about this school.