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    8 2.5

New Salem-Almont High School is a public school in New Salem, North Dakota. It has 158 students in grades 7-12. There have been 8 reviews written and they have been mostly negative.

310 Elm Ave
New Salem, ND 58563
(701) 843-7610

Ratings and Reviews
2.5 from 8 reviews
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    • High School Senior
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    Sports & Fitness: The athletic scene in my school is okay. While most students will get together to cheer on our team, our teams and their members rarely play together as a team. In most of our sports the players put their own feelings before the game, which i believe hurts us badly in sports.
    • Niche User
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    Student Culture & Diversity: there is little to no acceptance at our school. if someone is the least bit different, they are cast aside and made to feel like they dont belong
    • Niche User
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    Food: Most students either bring their own lunch, go to the gas station or don't eat. The school lunch is often disgusting and extremely unhealthy. For instance, if we have fruit, you can have half of a single canned apricot or other fruits. rarely is it fresh and there is definitely not much of a variety and definitely no alternatives.
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    Sports & Fitness: Our school has a very limited amount of sports teams. For PE there is no swimming, dancing, actual sports games. Most students take PE to get it out of the way and then never take it again.
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    Extracurriculars: Our school doesn't offer many extracurriculars for student to participate in. Many clubs don't even do anything for the school or the community at all.


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Male 50%
Female 50%


Grade 7 13.9%
Grade 8 16.5%
Grade 9 14.6%
Grade 10 17.7%
Grade 11 17.7%
Grade 12 19.6%

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