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Oak Hills High School is a public school in Green Township, Ohio. It has 2,537 students in grades 9-12. According to state standards, 92% of students at this school are considered proficient in math and/or reading. There have been 235 reviews written and they have been mostly positive.

3200 Ebenezer Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45248
(513) 922-2300

Ratings and Reviews
3.8 from 235 reviews
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    • Parent
    • 4
    Health & Safety: There is a no tolerance for bullying at the school, they faculty gets involved immediately to resolve the problem if they arise. We have additional security to maintain a drug free school, so that kids do not have to feel additional pressures of substance abuse. I have noticed the kids involved in the Performing Arts Programs, have exceptional teachers involved that engage and assist any child that seems to sway towards a bad choice, they let them know that there are better alternatives and guide them to the better choice without making them feel the pressure or guilt of the bad choice.
    • High School Senior
    • 3
    Health & Safety: I feel safe at school. However, there is bullying that goes on and it doesn't matter what is done to prevent it, it will always happen. I wasn't bullied during high school but I know it goes on. I don't think enough is done to stop it.
    • High School Senior
    • 4
    Overall Experience: I am rating this as "it's great" because of my experience with the Marching Band. When I was a freshman I did not participate in the band. I wanted to transfer to a different school because it was just too big and I never saw my friends. Once I joined the band, I made so many friends and it made my high school years great. Had it not been for the band, I most likely wouldn't have enjoyed my years at Oak Hills. There is too much emphasis on sports and our sports program isn't even that good. The one thing that really bothered me was the little support our band received. We are a very talented group of students but we very rarely had support from anyone but band families. We would never see athletes supporting us even though we supporting them all year. Teachers or principals very, very rarely would come to concerts. It was very frustrating but I didn't let it effect me as I still loved every second of being in the band.
    • High School Senior
    • 2
    Sports & Fitness: I don't think there is enough support for our sporting events. Being in the Marching Band I am at most, if not all of the football games and basketball games. As large as our school is, there is a very small percentage of student and family supporters. Our stands should be packed for each game but that never happens. It is very sad.
    • High School Senior
    • 4
    Extracurriculars: I have spent the past 3 years participating in the marching band. This was the best decision I could have made. I have made great friends and the band director is the best. He expects professionalism from his students but he makes it so easy. Being in the band has taught me so much about working together with people. It is great.

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Around Oak Hills High School

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Female 47%
Male 52%


Grade 9 26.4%
Grade 10 27.1%
Grade 11 22.6%
Grade 12 23.9%

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Student Opinions

If you could do it all over again, would you still want to go to this school?     Based on 26 responses

  • 81% Yes
  • 12% Not sure.
  • 8% No

What are the best things about this school?     Based on 11 responses

  • 37% The variety of courses and clubs
  • 26% The fun events
  • 21% The friendships you make and feeling of oneness
  • 16% The community

What are the worst things about this school?     Based on 9 responses

  • 55% The amount of students
  • 27% Lack of School Spirit
  • 18% The lack of rule enforcement

What one thing distinguishes this school from other schools?     Based on 11 responses

  • 64% Our Number of AP Classes
  • 18% Our diversity
  • 18% School spirit

What one word or phrase best describes this school?     Based on 11 responses

  • 64% Busy and Big
  • 27% Above Average
  • 9% Eclectic

What is the most helpful tip for a student to know before coming to this school?     Based on 11 responses

  • 36% It is a big school but you are an individual
  • 36% Be yourself and finish until the end
  • 27% Walk on the right side of the hallway

How strongly do you agree or disagree with each of the following statements regarding parent involvement at this school?     Based on 10 responses

Strongly disagree
Strongly agree
  • Most parents at this school put too much pressure on their kids
  • Most parents at this school are very involved in their child's education
  • The PTA/PTO (i.e. parent groups) are very committed and have a positive impact on the school environment
  • Most parents at this school care about the success of all students, not just their own
  • Parental support/attendance is very high for school athletic events
  • Parental support/attendance is very high for non-athletic school events
  • The parents at this school have a very positive impact on the school's environment and culture
  • The parents at this school respect the opinions and judgements of teachers and administrators
  • Most parents at this school are really great parents.

What is your overall opinion of this school?     Based on 9 responses

  • 0% I love everything about this school.
  • 100% I like mostly everything about this school, but there are some things I wish were different.
  • 0% I like a few things about this school, but I'm disappointed in general.
  • 0% I hate everything about this school.