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Rigby Senior High School is a public school in Rigby Township, Idaho. It has 905 students in grades 9-12. According to state standards, 86% of students at this school are considered proficient in math and/or reading. There have been 190 reviews written and they have been mixed.

3833 E Rigby High Lane
Rigby, ID 83442
(208) 745-3500

Ratings and Reviews
3.5 from 190 reviews
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    • High School Senior
    • 3
    Overall Experience: Most of the teachers teach well. However the experiences I have had with most of my encounters with the students have not been enjoyable. I feel that if you have not lived in Rigby most of your life the people are not as welcoming. It is almost like moving to a different country minus the language barrier. I am at high school to graduate, not to worry about my social life.
    • High School Senior
    • 5
    Overall Experience: Most high schools have cliques and groups that everyone belongs to, but at Rigby High School, everyone is friends and everyone talks to everyone. We all have friends that we prefer to hang out with and talk to, but in the class everyone is friends and it makes such a difference in learning. I love it.
    • High School Sophomore
    • 5
    Overall Experience: I love Rigby High School!! A lot of the students and staff have great school spirit. Making it so much fun to be there. There's a lot of wonderful teachers. The school is nice and clean. There are so many school activities to participate in. The fitness classes are the best! The coaches are so much fun and amazing. The cliques aren't to bad at our school. I don't see bullying often at all. We have an amazing principal, staff, and student council that make the school assemblies and activities a blast. I think most students that come to Rigby High School will really enjoy it.
    • Niche User
    • 4
    Overall Experience: The teachers and administrators try their best but teenagers are just difficult to be around.
    • Niche User
    • 4
    Overall Experience: I have enjoyed going to this school mostly, of course every place has their issues.

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Around Rigby Senior High School

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Female 51%
Male 48%

Student Diversity

Rigby Senior High School United States Bonneville High School Idaho Falls Senior High School Madison Senior High School Skyline Senior High School Sugar-Salem High School
White 85.0% 51.0% 81.0% 74.0% 93.0% 70.0% 88.0%
Hispanic 12.0% 25.0% 15.0% 19.0% 3.0% 24.0% 8.0%
Multiracial 1.0% 2.8% 1.0% 3.0% 0% 1.0% 0%
African American 0% 15.0% 0% 0% 1.0% 0% 0%
Asian 0% 4.8% 0% 1.0% 1.0% 1.0% 1.0%
Native American 0% 1.1% 0% 1.0% 0% 0% 0%
Pacific Islander 0% 0.4% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0%


Grade 10 34.5%
Grade 11 37.5%
Grade 12 28.1%

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Student Opinions

If you could do it all over again, would you still want to go to this school?     Based on 24 responses

  • 58% Yes
  • 25% Not sure.
  • 17% No

What are the best things about this school?     Based on 18 responses

  • 42% Friends and teachers
  • 38% School spirit
  • 19% Academic opportunities

What are the worst things about this school?     Based on 19 responses

  • 65% The cliques
  • 15% Gettng up so early.
  • 15% Start too late. Can have job if start an hour earl
  • 5% Some teachers don't teach well and try to help.

What one thing distinguishes this school from other schools?     Based on 21 responses

  • 67% It is very new
  • 14% It has a body shop
  • 14% Minimal funding
  • 5% Great interaction with peers and faculty

What one word or phrase best describes this school?     Based on 19 responses

  • 53% Nice fun place to learn
  • 16% Strict
  • 16% Good place to learn
  • 11% It's high school; you make or break it yourself
  • 5% Judgmental

What is the most helpful tip for a student to know before coming to this school?     Based on 20 responses

  • 50% Take advantage of all the activites and classes
  • 35% Don't slack off
  • 10% Respect the staff and administration
  • 5% Don't go there if you're "different"

What is your overall opinion of this school?     Based on 18 responses

  • 17% I love everything about this school.
  • 67% I like mostly everything about this school, but there are some things I wish were different.
  • 6% I like a few things about this school, but I'm disappointed in general.
  • 11% I hate everything about this school.