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Rufus King International School is a public school in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It has 1,903 students in grades 6-12. According to state standards, 27% of students at this school are considered proficient in math and/or reading. There have been 264 reviews written and they have been mostly positive.

1801 West Olive St
Milwaukee, WI 53209
(414) 267-0700

Ratings and Reviews
4.0 from 264 reviews
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    Health & Safety: The security guards are cooler than I thought.
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    Food: There aren't many options, and you might as well bring your own stuff from home.
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    Administration & Policies: Most don't even get in trouble for being late like I did.
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    Sports & Fitness: The track and field is large but the gym is kinda small.
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    Teachers: Some of my that I had were fantastic while others just want to just act like I didn't even care about what assignments they were giving me.

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Around Rufus King International School

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Student Demographics Read more about this school's student culture and diversity


Male 42%
Female 57%


Grade 6 10.9%
Grade 7 10.6%
Grade 9 22.3%
Grade 10 18.4%
Grade 11 19.1%
Grade 12 18.7%

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Student Opinions

If you could do it all over again, would you still want to go to this school?     Based on 21 responses

  • 90% Yes
  • 5% Not sure.
  • 5% No

What are the best things about this school?     Based on 12 responses

  • 26% The students
  • 22% The diversity of religion and ethnic groups
  • 15% Variety of sports
  • 11% The EXPERIENCE of the IB program
  • 7% SOME teachers
  • 7% The IB program
  • 7% The teachers
  • 4% The acceptance of individual thinking

What are the worst things about this school?     Based on 11 responses

  • 22% Horrible lunch
  • 17% There is nothing bad about this school
  • 13% Sometimes there are issues with safety
  • 13% Old bathrooms
  • 13% No cooking class
  • 13% Scans
  • 9% Old building/structure

What one thing distinguishes this school from other schools?     Based on 13 responses

  • 77% Were an International Baccelaureate school.
  • 23% Diversity

What one word or phrase best describes this school?     Based on 11 responses

  • 45% Overachievers
  • 27% Diverse; full of people from many backgrounds
  • 18% Wide range of student effort
  • 9% Friendliness

What is the most helpful tip for a student to know before coming to this school?     Based on 13 responses

  • 62% Be open minded
  • 31% You're going to procrastinate so much.
  • 8% Expect the Unexpected

How strongly do you agree or disagree with each of the following statements regarding parent involvement at this school?     Based on 8 responses

Strongly disagree
Strongly agree
  • Most parents at this school put too much pressure on their kids
  • Most parents at this school are very involved in their child's education
  • The PTA/PTO (i.e. parent groups) are very committed and have a positive impact on the school environment
  • Most parents at this school care about the success of all students, not just their own
  • Parental support/attendance is very high for school athletic events
  • Parental support/attendance is very high for non-athletic school events
  • The parents at this school have a very positive impact on the school's environment and culture
  • The parents at this school respect the opinions and judgements of teachers and administrators
  • Most parents at this school are really great parents.

What is your overall opinion of this school?     Based on 8 responses

  • 38% I love everything about this school.
  • 50% I like mostly everything about this school, but there are some things I wish were different.
  • 12% I like a few things about this school, but I'm disappointed in general.
  • 0% I hate everything about this school.