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Top Public Schools

Niche Grade Name Type Grades Grade Level
Eastlawn Elementary School Public, Coed K-2 Elementary
Pleasant Acres Elementary School Public, Coed PK, K-2 Pre-K, Elementary
3.00 Thomasboro Grade School Public, Coed PK, K-8 Pre-K, Elementary, Middle
2.33 Rantoul Township High School Public, Coed 9-12 High
2.00 Broadmeadow Elementary School Public, Coed 3-5 Elementary
1.66 Northview Elementary School Public, Coed 3-5 Elementary
2.00 J.W. Eater Junior High School Public, Coed 6-8 Middle

Top Private Schools

Niche Grade Name Religion Grades Grade Level
St. Malachy School Catholic PK, K-8 Pre-K, Elementary, Middle

Nearby Towns

Niche Grade Name Population
Rantoul Township 11,348
Ludlow Township 4,288

Around Rantoul

We do our best to keep our list of schools and districts, along with their attendance zone boundaries up-to-date and complete, but it isn't perfect. You should always check with the relevant school/district regarding school options, boundaries, and other eligibility requirements.


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Student Diversity

Rantoul, IL United States Illinois
White 45.6% 51.0% 48.4%
African American 30.1% 15.0% 18.0%
Hispanic 15.2% 25.0% 25.3%
Multiracial 7.8% 2.8% 3.1%
Asian 0.9% 4.8% 4.5%
Native American 0.2% 1.1% 0.3%
Pacific Islander 0.2% 0.4% 0.1%
Not all schools in this area report all requested data, so some data presented on this page are based on aggregations from a subset of schools. Additionally, this data is only representative of public schools that serve this area and do not exclusively represent all residents.