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Valley Forge High School is a public school in Parma Heights, Ohio. It has 1,498 students in grades 9-12. According to state standards, 90% of students at this school are considered proficient in math and/or reading. There have been 86 reviews written and they have been mixed.

9999 Independence Blvd
Parma Heights, OH 44130
(440) 885-2330

Ratings and Reviews
3.3 from 86 reviews
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    • High School Senior
    • 3
    Health & Safety: The school has visitor sign in policies, police officers on school property and cameras to ensure the safety of its students. The school nurse and her assistant are kind, understanding and helpful. Overall, the school is safe unless a student has the personality that draws them to trouble. Drug and alcohol use is generally outside of school excluding the random stoned students.
    • High School Senior
    • 3
    Food: The lunch food at Valley Forge isn't too bad. Every student has a certain lunch day they like, and one they don't. Personally, I always look forward to pizza day at school but think the Rib-E-Que sandwich and steamed vegetables are disgusting. There are some "healthy" options on the menu. Every student is required to have a fruit and a vegetable on their tray. Salads are available ala-carte but are made of 50% iceberg lettuce and 50% shredded cheese so they aren't nutritionally beneficial. Vending machines are available for cheap, healthier snacks like baked chips instead of regular.
    • High School Senior
    • 3
    Administration & Policies: The school has attempted to adapt to the times by eliminating the strict cell phone policies. The dress code continues to be ridiculous(no shoulders showing). School rules are not enforced equally among students. Valley Forge reacted well to controversial subjects such as transgenderism in students. There is no tolerance for fighting and bullying is promptly addressed.
    • High School Senior
    • 3
    Sports & Fitness: Sports equipment is updated and modern. Student involvement is not very big and team winnings are rare. The varying sport's teams all seem to hold lots of talent, just not the support and leadership required to score a win.
    • High School Senior
    • 3
    Teachers: The teachers are no different varying from high school to high school. There are the great ones-- unforgettable personalities and enticing teaching styles; and those that make class feel comparable to a horror movie. In general, the teachers seem to be knowledgable on the topic they teach and willing to integrate technology into the classroom.

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Around Valley Forge High School

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Female 46%
Male 53%

Student Diversity

Valley Forge High School United States Big Creek Elementary School Midpark High School Normandy High School Parma Community High School Parma High School
White 85.0% 51.6% 81.0% 85.0% 92.0% 81.0% 89.0%
Hispanic 4.0% 24.5% 5.0% 3.0% 3.0% 10.0% 3.0%
African American 4.0% 15.2% 1.0% 1.0% 1.0% 1.0% 2.0%
Asian 2.0% 4.7% 8.0% 3.0% 2.0% 2.0% 1.0%
Multiracial 2.0% 2.6% 3.0% 5.0% 0% 4.0% 1.0%
Native American 0% 1.1% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0%
Pacific Islander 0% 0.4% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0%


Grade 9 30.6%
Grade 10 22.7%
Grade 11 22.5%
Grade 12 24.2%

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Student Opinions

If you could do it all over again, would you still want to go to this school?     Based on 8 responses

  • 38% Yes
  • 50% Not sure.
  • 12% No

What are the best things about this school?     Based on 6 responses

  • 57% Some of the teachers are very caring.
  • 43% It's small enough that you get to know everyone

What are the worst things about this school?     Based on 5 responses

  • 67% Not fully filled with success
  • 17% Choice of hall monitors
  • 17% Not supportive

What one thing distinguishes this school from other schools?     Based on 5 responses

  • 60% The diversity within student population
  • 20% It has courses that prepare you for college
  • 20% It has career tech programs available

What is the most helpful tip for a student to know before coming to this school?     Based on 6 responses

  • 83% Make friends, enjoy it while you can
  • 17% Do your best and graduate on time

What is your overall opinion of this school?     Based on 7 responses

  • 0% I love everything about this school.
  • 57% I like mostly everything about this school, but there are some things I wish were different.
  • 29% I like a few things about this school, but I'm disappointed in general.
  • 14% I hate everything about this school.